Katie Commits to Emory!

Date Posted: 3/6/2018

Q: “Congratulations on your decision to play at Emory!  Can you tell us about your recruiting process to provide some insight for our younger players?”
A.  "Thank you!  My recruiting process began my freshman year. At that point, I just knew I wanted a school that had competitive volleyball and strong academics.  I started by sending out emails to about 25 schools that fit my criteria with my highlight videos, GPA, and accolades.  Some schools sent a quick response that they were interested or that they weren’t recruiting a setter for the class of 2019--or no response at all.  This helped me to verify where I would fit in skill-wise and academically.  I won’t lie, I got my heart broken by a couple schools; hearing that one of your top schools decided to go with someone else in your position never feels good.  You just have to trust that the right school will come along.  Throughout my freshman and sophomore years, I was able to go on a couple of unofficial visits and really get a feel for what kind of program and school I wanted.  I was also fortunate enough to have a sister two years older than me who was also on the college-search, so I was able to tag along on some of her visits to get a look at a variety of schools.  I learned a lot my sophomore year (mostly that the schools I started with weren't feeling like the right fit); I learned that I wanted a medium sized school, elite academics, a school that offers an engineering major, and also a competitive volleyball program that supports the full college experience (studying abroad, social opportunities, and challenging majors).  When my wishlist became clearer at the beginning of my junior year, I discovered that Emory had everything I was looking for in a school and in a program.  I sent the coach an email in December and I received a fast response that they were very interested.  Over the next couple weeks, I talked to the coach on the phone a few times and we set up a date for me to go on a visit in February.  After my visit, I knew that Emory was the place for me.  I loved the coaches, the campus, and the girls on the team were all extremely welcoming and friendly.  Recruiting can feel like a really long process, but the time and effort helped me learn so much about myself, which led me to find the best match for the way I want to spend my collegiate years."

Q: "How has Wildcat Jrs. prepared or helped you through the college recruiting process?”
A: "Wildcat Jrs. has helped me through the recruiting process every step of the way.  I’ve had the privilege of working with so many experienced and dedicated coaches.  These coaches have really shaped me into an elite player and I feel confident that they have prepared me to be a collegiate-level athlete.  Additionally, Karen, Cassie, and Kirstine have all been extremely supportive and helpful throughout the recruiting process. As the athlete, it is important to utilize the information that Wildcats provides for recruiting.  I made my list of schools, created videos and emails, researched teams and academics, and visited schools.  Once I had a clear vision of what I wanted, Karen, Cassie, and Kirstine helped me make my matches. This season, Karen and I worked closely together to really hone in on Emory and a few other top choices.   When things picked up with Emory, Karen helped me with phone calls and preparing for an overnight visit with the team (Karen and Cassie both texted me during my overnight just to check in and make sure things were going well).  I’m very lucky to have had so many great resources to help me on my recruiting journey.  The more you can learn about schools, get on a variety of campuses and check out volleyball programs, the easier it will be for the Wildcats team to help you.  It’s a very personal process and Wildcats were there to help me find the right school."

Q. "Is there any advice you would give our younger Wildcat Jrs. players that want to pursue playing volleyball in college?”
A.  "I have three pieces of advice for any young players looking to play at the collegiate level.  Number one: be a student of the game.  Play as much as you can, go to camps, watch Youtube videos of your favorite players, follow programs on social media, and go to college games in the area!  Number two: keep an open mind.  Don’t limit yourself to only looking at the very top programs.  There are so many competitive collegiate programs across all divisions--finding the best fit for you academically and personally is really important too.  Number three: trust that it will all work out.  As I look back, every twist, turn, and disappointment led me to where I feel I’m meant to go."