Brooke Commits to Pomona!

Date Posted: 5/12/2016

Q: “Congratulations on your decision to play at Pomona!  Can you tell us about your recruiting process to provide some insight for our younger players?”
A: Thanks! Just as some background, my first and foremost priority behind the recruiting process was to get into the most academically qualified school I could. I first began to consider playing volleyball in college as early as freshman year, but it wasn't until sophomore year that I began reaching out and emailing about 50 schools to let them know my stats (height, vertical, position, GPA, etc) and also what tournaments I would be attending.
Transitioning into junior year recruiting definitely began to pick up, and over the summer between sophomore to junior year I visited around 11 schools and went to a couple of college camps to gain exposure and meet with coaches in person to hear about their program, school, and team. After making a highlight film and sending it out to coaches along with my ACT scores and updated grades, my list of schools got significantly narrower throughout junior year. As the process moved along it became much more apparent which schools were reaches, safeties, and which ones I wanted to let go because they just weren’t a good fit.
The end of my recruiting process wasn’t until January of my senior year. Because Pomona is a DIII school, the process ended much later. After going out to visit for a second time over winter break and meeting the coach, I finally decided Pomona was where I wanted to be the next four years. The school, academics, coach, California weather and volleyball program all appealed to me, which is what helped me to decide.

Q: "How has Wildcat Jrs. prepared or helped you through the college recruiting process?”
A: Through being a competitive volleyball club with an amazing coaching staff, Wildcat Jrs has helped me immensely. Without challenging but rewarding practices and coaches that pushed me to be better, I would never have been the volleyball player I am today. The coaches especially have not only been my biggest cheerleaders, but also some of my favorite people in the world that I look up to. Whenever they had the opportunity they would talk to college coaches for me and were more than willing to offer their assistance in anyway for the recruiting process.

Q: "Is there is any advice you would give our younger Wildcat Jrs. players that want to pursue playing volleyball in college?”
A: Don't give up! Recruiting is a very long, very wild ride that you need to just buckle down for. For me there were highs and lows, and more than once I wanted to throw in the towel. But perseverance (and my parents) kept me in the game and I am so happy to have stuck with recruiting and to be attending Pomona. Keep college coaches updated in regards to your academics, accomplishments, and tournament schedules so you stay on their radar. Also continue to work hard in practice and don’t be afraid to ask your Wildcat coaches for any recruiting help, they have tons of experience and connections with college coaches.