Anne Commits To Colgate!

Date Posted: 3/1/2018

Q: “Congratulations on your decision to play at Colgate!  Can you tell us about your recruiting process to provide some insight for our younger players?”
A: "I always knew I wanted to play volleyball in college and my goal was to play at a top academic program that also had really competitive volleyball. Starting freshmen year, I worked with Cassie Rose to develop a list of schools to target. She helped me identify schools that matched my ability. I targeted academic D1 schools across the country. I sent emails with videos to my list before every major tournament. Sometimes coaches gave feedback and sometimes they didn't--even if they are watching you, sometimes you don't even know. Sophomore year recruiting picked up and I started having conversations with coaches over the phone. I was terrified at first, but Kirstine helped me develop a list of questions and once I did it a few times, I realized it was pretty easy to do. Coaches would come watch our team and give me feedback. I ended up going on 5-6 college visits once I knew they were interested and it was really fun and I got to see their facilities and learn about the schools. Because I was looking at academic schools, ACT scores are really important (as are grades) so the earlier you can take them (even a practice test), the better since you need to have a minimum to look at certain schools. Colgate reached out to me after Nationals expressing interest and I visited in January and they offered me a spot right when I got there. I fell in love the campus, really liked the coaches, met all of the team and realized this was a perfect fit for me. Not only is Colgate a top academic school but they always finish at or near the top of the Patriot League."

Q: "How has Wildcat Jrs. prepared or helped you through the college recruiting process?”
A:  "Wildcat Jrs. was amazing getting me prepared to get recruited. I've been a setter on the Black team since I was 12 and the extra setting time each week really helped me develop my skills. I also worked with Evelyn Kim and she is an amazing coach and really helped me believe in myself and my abilities even when I had doubts about my skills or how I played. I was lucky to get great coaches every year who pushed me, encouraged me, and taught me how to be disciplined. Plus I was lucky to be on a team every year with amazing girls who could make me laugh even when we were working really hard and taking everything really seriously. I've grown up with these teammates and I know we will be forever friends. Cassie and Kirstine helped me with the recruiting process from the beginning--helping with my list, calling coaches when needed, and even doing research on programs that were interested in me. So I wouldn't have been the volleyball player I am or gotten this opportunity without them."

Q. "Is there is any advice you would give our younger Wildcat Jrs. players that want to pursue playing volleyball in college?”
A: "Start early and get a list ready. Make sure you have video. Make sure your grades are really good!! Take challenging classes and take the ACT as early as you can (I took my first one September of Junior year but could have committed earlier if I had taken it sophomore year). Register with the NCAA (eligibility number), set up a University Athlete profile (coaches use this) and fill out every college questionnaire. Subscribe to Prep Volleyball (they keep a recruiting spreadsheet and while not perfect, it's pretty good). Make sure to constantly update your college list (coaches change all the time and teams positions will fill) and add schools to the list when needed. Lastly, be prepared for disappointment. You'll get positive feedback from schools that you get really excited about and then 2 weeks later, you will find out that they committed to someone else. It's part of the process and it happens to every volleyball player. You have to have tough skin because it's never personal--and you have to trust that it will all work out in the end."