Q. How does coaching work at tournaments and practices?

A. For the two pre-selected tournaments, Wildcat Jrs teams will provide 1 coach per 5 teams at each event. Coach’s responsibilities will be to coach teams during timeouts and help teams adjust before matches or between sets. Coaches are too attend/oversee multiple teams and not coach specific teams directly. As a reminder, players need to register for their own events, and we recommend submitting your entry at least two weeks in advance to guarantee acceptance.


Practices will be conducted in a lead trainer model with the coaching staff implementing a lesson plan while lead trainer oversees all training.


Q. What if it’s raining out do tournaments/practices get cancelled?

A. Tournaments run rain or shine and will only be delayed due to lightning where they will wait until it passes and continue the event.  All practices are rain or shine unless of inclement weather as we will not put our athletes at risk. In case of inclement weather during practice players will seek shelter at both locations.


Q. How are teams selected?

A. Athletes are responsible for finding their own partner. A lot of times we encourage players to sign up even without a partner as they can play in events with anyone within our program or a player from another team.


Q. Do you need your partner at every practice?

A. No, the way we plan our practices is to benefit the individual as well as the team. We split our practices into 3 parts: warm up with individual drills, group drills that help the individual, and competition drills in which you will be with your partner.  If your partner is not there, we pair up those without a partner and will pair up a coach if needed.


Q. Are there consequences for missing practices and are there any make ups?

A. There are no consequences for missing practices other than missing out on the opportunity to train and improve! Athletes are welcome to attend the other practice location for a make-up practice, provided that they give advance notice to the program director:


Q. How do we determine tournaments and how do we sign up?

A. Wildcat Jrs supports all events sanctioned by AAU and USAV, so anything under those organizations is recommended. We have provided a list of local tournaments to help you pick your events. NOTE: most tournaments required registration at least 2 weeks in advance to guarantee acceptance, so please plan in advance!