Important Tryout Information


1) Proof of USA Membership  // This link takes you to the Great Lakes Region member registration page. To actually register, go to that page and click links on the right side (either New Member or Webpoint login).

  • Players that have a 2018 USA Volleyball Membership from last club season, can use that for all 12's - 16's tryouts as they do not expire until Oct. 31st. If you are new to club volleyball, you will need to purchase a "tryout" membership for $10 at the link above.
  • Please PRINT off a copy of your USA Volleyball membership (proof of purchse, picture of your membershipcard, etc) to bring with you to the tryout as proof of USA Membership.

2) Reciept of payment for tryout or a check made out to Wildcat Jrs. Volleyball if you have not already paid.

3) Volleyball Gear. Please make sure to bring a filled up water bottle, knee pads, tennis shoes for the tryout.

2018-2019 Dues and Information Sheet for 10's - 14's

2018-2019 Dues and Information Sheet for 15's - 18's




Click here to check out Tryout Dates/Locations and Times
**Registration will begin at the start of the listed registratin time.  Please do not arrive early.
**There will be a short informational parents meeting after registration at the beginning of each tryout where we will cover program logistics in great detail and answer any questions


*All tryouts are closed to parents.

*Players who are selected to a team will receive a welcome email (to the primary account holder on your club account) within one hour of the tryout. We will post online when the welcome letters have been emailed out. Players selected to the program will have a 2 hour deadline after the end of the tryout to accept their roster position by completing the commitment fee of $400. Alternates will be notified within three hours after the end of the tryout should any roster positions become available.