What to Expect?

Our club is divided into two programs: Elite and Regional. The Elite Program is more advanced and demands a greater level of commitment from the athlete. Our Regional Program is aimed at athletes looking for a shorter season and less overall travel. For a more detailed view of all of our programs, see below.


Age Groups 13's (7th grade)**
14's (8th grade)
15's (9th grade)
16's (10th grade)
17's/18's (11th and 12th grade)
11s (5th grade)
12s (6th grade)
13s (7th grade)
14s (8th grade)
15s/16's (9th and 10th grade)
Season  November - June November - April
Coaches All Elite teams have a head and an assistant coach as well as a Lead Trainer Head Coach and Lead Trainer
Tournaments 21 - 27 tournament days, including 3 - 5 national events
Final Tournament: AAU National Championships in Orlando, FL
8 - 10 total tournament days

6 - 9 hours per week. (team training includes position training, plyometrics, serve & pass time, and setters training)

**13 Travel practices 4 - 5 hrs per week (team training includes position training, conditioning, serve & pass time, and setters training)

4 hours/week (team training includes position training)
Playing Time Playing time is not guaranteed.