What to Expect?

Below is the information for last year's 2019 - 2020 season for your reference.  Due to Covid and the IHSA change of seasons for girls and boys volleyball, this year will look different. Rather than make rash decisions on the season plan, we are going to thoughtfully lay out the plan for this upcoming season. Thank you in advance for bearing with us as we work through that. We expect to have the plan in place over the week of Aug. 10th.


Our club is divided into two programs: Elite and Premier. The Elite Program is more advanced and demands a greater level of commitment from the athlete. Our Premier Program is aimed at athletes looking for a shorter season and less overall travel. For a more detailed view of all of our programs, see below.


  ELITE Premier
Age Groups 12's (6th grade)**
13's (7th grade)**
14's (8th grade)
15's (9th grade)
16's (10th grade)
17's/18's (11th and 12th grade)
10's (4th grade)
11s (5th grade)
12s (6th grade)
13s (7th grade)
14s (8th grade)
15s/16s (9th and 10th grades)
17/18's (11th and 12th grades)
Season  November - June November - April
Coaches All Elite teams have a head coach, an assistant coach and an Elite Program Leader Head Coach + Premier Program Leader
Tournaments 21 - 27 tournament days, including 3 - 5 national events
Final Tournament: AAU National Championships in Orlando, FL
8 - 12 total tournament days, including a 2-day season ending overnight event

6 - 9 hours per week. (team training includes position training, plyometrics, serve & pass time, and setters training)

**12/13 Travel practices 4 - 5 hrs per week (team training includes position training, conditioning, serve & pass time, and setters training)

4 hours/week (team training includes position training)
Playing Time Playing time is not guaranteed. Amount of playing time is earned, but it is guaranteed across the course of a tournament day.